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Frequently Asked Questions -

Frequently Asked Questions -

Frequently Asked Questions -

Frequently Asked Questions -
Frequently Asked Questions -
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Frequently Asked Questions


We wanted our customer to shop with confidence that is why we will do a lowest price match for all our products.

The price match last for 7 days from the date of purchase.

Let us know the retail shop name , the product model, the price with or without gst, or any other information that you have and we will refund you price difference in price without Gst if you had purchase from us. The refund process will take five working days as we need time to verify the claim and process the check for you.Do note that we only cover the price match within singapore retailer with a shop prescence only.

There will not be any discount no matter how many you buy as all our prices are fixed price. Other than that we give the lowest price possible. If you happen to saw a lower price on the same product please let us know so that we can better ourselve with the pricing. 

We cut away all the unnecessary cost like assembly, delivery and installation free from the selling price. We also cut off the middle man hidden cost so that all our lights can be sold at unbelievable wholesale price. 

All products listed or display have undergo testing and quality checks. But in any event, we give all our customers 1 year product warranty. That is to say that even if your light bulb fail you within the warranty period, just bring them back to us with your receipt and we will change a new one for you. 

Come down to any of our four showroom to confirm the order will do.

There is more designs than what is listed if you wanted more designs you can alway come down to our showroom. 

For all purchases above $300, there will be free delivery. As far as possible we would prefer customer to come and collect their products after they order so as to keep the costing of the product at it lowest. That is why we can sell the product at that pricing.

We offer 1 year warranty on parts for all products sold. 

One year warranty will start from the date of collection, installation or delivery which ever comes first indicated on the invoice. First three month will be onsite warranty follow by offsite warranty for the remaining nine months. 

No labour or delivery charge for the first three month in the event if there is a need to replace any faulty item that is cover under the warranty specification. Onsite warranty does not cover faulty light bulb or tube. Exchange of faulty bulb can only be done at our showroom as item need to be tested. 

Labour fee or delivery fee will have to be borne by the customer in the event if there is a need to go on the site for replacement. Standard installation fee or delivery fee will apply during the offsite warranty. Spare parts, bulb, ballast cost will be absorbs by the company. 

Our warranty will cover all light bulbs, tube, ballast and spare parts. We will replace the defective items started within the warranty period. All glass and scratches on products are limited to 7 days from the date of collection. 

All warranty claims will take at least three working days to process. In the event if a spare part is not available we will do our best to minimize the down time period. will not under any circumstances whether as a result of breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort, strict liability or otherwise be liable for consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages including but not limited to, loss of profits or revenues, loss of use of ballast or any other goods or associated equipment or damage to any associated equipment, cost of capital, cost of substitute products, facilities of services, down time cost, or claims of claimant's customers. s’ liability on any claim of any kind for any loss or damages arising out of, resulting from or concerning any aspect of this agreement of from the product or services furnished hereunder shall not exceed the price of the specific spare parts, tube, bulbs or ballasts which gives rise to the claim.

U can always email us the specification and the pictures for us to give u a quote.

All furniture are non refundable but in the event if there is any changes to the design before delivery we will charge a restocking fee of 20% base on the value of your product. This is subjected to a case by case basic. The restocking fee is the hard cost that we incurred from the shipping and labour incurred during the preparation of the furniture order. 

Do note that for customize products such as tv console, they are not subjected to any exchange as the factory will do according to the color and size that you had ordered.

Covid 19 safe distancing measures -updated 4 april 2020

In view of the current situation in singapore , all our showrooms had put up marking tape of a minimum of 1 meter apart in the showroom so that it is easiler for the  customers  to keep the 1m disctance apart base on the markings.

On top of that all our sales staff will also be keeping a distance of  1 meter during the explanation or introduction of our products as a good safe social distancing practise.


For the common area like the tables , door knobs and handles frequently touch and used by customers . We disinfect it with dettol every day.

Daily cleaning and maintaining a good hygiene had alway been our company's culture.

All personel entering our premises are requried to take temperature . In the event of a fever, we will deny entry. As this is per of the measures we are putting in place for the current situation.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

To facilate contact tracing , all personnel are require to sign in with their contact no , name and date in the event if contact tracing is required.


We understand that at certain times, you may require a repair on your household appliances, electric products, plumbing product or some consumer electronic. We are currently advising all customer to drop us a call on our hotline to arrange an appointment so that we can put in place crowd control measures.

With a call in advance , if conditions allows we will assist you to arrange our technician , electrician , plumber to go to your site so as minimize traveling on your end.


On emergency services , like power trip or power failure or product issues. We are opening up more lines so that customer do not have to travel down to our outlets to resolved the issues. More whatapps lines will be put up in our contact section on 7 april 2020.