Snow White Exhale Fan -

Snow White Exhale Fan -

Snow White Exhale Fan -

Snow White Exhale Fan -

Snow White Exhale Fan -
Snow White Exhale Fan -
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Inner Product

Ceiling Fan

Snow White Exhale Fan


  • $1,199.00

Free installation for normal concrete ceiling height 3 meter and below with wiring point.


Exhale Fan Sea-1

Exhale Fan Sea-2vs


exhale gif

vortex effect

Create a Vortex wind effect when you place two in this manner.

exhale 1

exhale 2

exhale 3


Warranty details

Lifetime warranty for the Fins .

5 year warranty for the Motor.

2 year warranty for the accesssories and lights.

1st Year Onsite warranty.

Exhale Fan’s sleek, low profile and attractive design complement any room with “balanced” room temperature from floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with a gentle breeze whether you’re heating or cooling.


  • Our full, brushless DC motor is built for quiet and superior operation and includes a 5-year warranty.
  • All Exhale Fans now include a built-in LED light in your choice of two variations: cool white (6000k) or warm white (3000k). The light is dimmable to 20% of its full brightness, or can be turned off.
  • Fans include typhoon wind vanes, designed to increase air production at high speeds, already installed. Exhale Fans airflow exceeds 5,000 CFM.
  • New remote interface design. Remote is pre-programmed to the fan; also includes a wall mount bracket for the remote.

Exhale Fans incorporate enhanced engineering with additional features and are designed to run cost-effectively 24/7/365.



Width: 34″ (863.6 mm)

Height: 7.25″ (184.15 mm)

Weight: 25 lbs (11.3 Kg)

Voltage Options

230v / 50Hz

Energy Usage

  • Level 1: (2 Watts, 80rpm)
  • Level 2: (4 Watts, 120rpm)
  • Level 3: (8 Watts, 160rpm)
  • Level 4: (16 Watts, 200rpm)
  • Level 5: (32 Watts, 240rpm)
  • Level 6: (50 Watts, 280rpm)


Wireless 6-speed remote control

Integrated lighting control

Noise Level (db)

  • Level 1: (33-35 dB)
  • Level 2: (35-37 dB)
  • Level 3: (36-38 dB)
  • Level 4: (37-38 dB)
  • Level 5: (38-41 dB)
  • Level 6: (40-43 dB)
    (40 dB = quiet library)

In The Box

  • Exhale Fan
  • Mounting disc cover
  • DC motor
  • Ceiling mount
  • Mounting hardware
  • Typhoon wind vanes
  • Wireless remote control
  • Installation manual

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